Smoke-Free Accommodations Policy

The Woodlands Inn provides our guests a non-smoking environment for their accommodations.   The smoke-free hotel policy has been in effect since 2011 and has been very welcomed by our guests and associates.

Guests are reminded at the time of booking, during registration, and signage is in all rooms that smoking is not permitted in their hotel accommodations. We do offer designated smoking areas and permit guests to smoke on the balconies and patios of rooms that have such offerings.

Employees have been trained to respond to potential violators of this policy. Housekeeping, maintenance, front desk and management are trained to observe signs of smoking in the hotel. If a guest is caught violating this procedure, as stated on their registrations card and on their room signage there will be is a significant room cleaning fee for guests who do not comply in order to restore the guest room to the original smoke-free condition.