The Woodlands Story

Rick, Ross, and Mitch Kornfeld are second-generation owners of the Woodlands Inn in Wilkes-Barre. In an industry where the days are long and the work is hard, the Kornfelds have melded three very different personalities with a great sense of humor to grow a very competitive business.

Their dedication to this business and this establishment is truly mesmerizing. Day after day is devoted to ensuring that each individual that steps onto their property, whether to stay a few nights, enjoy a bite to eat or attend a business trade show, is treated with the utmost respect and give the best quality customer service they’ve ever experienced.

That’s their mission and each day they work to see that it happens. Each brother owns a different role when it comes to running the Woodlands Inn, each brother has a unique personality and demeanor, but they all know the importance of working together and how much better it makes their hotel when there is collaboration and cooperation amongst their staff and themselves.

Over the last few years and still continuing today, the Kornfelds have revamped and renovated the Woodlands Inn to keep it contemporary, classy and a step above the rest of the other hotels, bars, restaurants and meeting spaces in the Northeastern PA. They truly hope you enjoy your time and greatly appreciate all of your comments and feedback.

Enjoy your stay with the Woodlands Inn.