January Employee of the Month – Martha Maldonado

Posted on January 31, 2012

The baby was blue.  His mother was hysterical.  What had been a routine evening for Martha Maldonado, night houseman/housekeeper, turned into a date with destiny.

Shortly after 8 p.m. that fateful evening, Martha was coming down the hall towards the lobby when she heard the frantic screaming of a woman who was rushing down the hall.  In her arms, a baby who was turning blue and not breathing.  Martha immediately put her home health aide training into practice, taking the baby and feeling for a pulse.  All the mother could say was “baby choke, baby choke” and Martha quickly realized she needed to perform the Heimlich maneuver on the little boy.

Martha gently used the maneuver on the 3 month old and was relieved when he gagged and then took a little breath. Whatever was stuck was dislodged, but the baby was still in distress.  Laying him on the sofa, Martha and a guest who was staying at the hotel with a wrestling group worked together to administer CPR- she pressing on the baby’s chest while he puffed into the infant’s mouth.

While all of this was happening the front desk staff had also sprang into action.  Dennis called 911 while Stephanie remembered there was a guest who was a doctor staying in a tower room at the hotel.  The doctor arrived on the scene and relieved Martha who then continued to calm the Mom and Dad of the infant.  A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and whisked the baby to the hospital.  Later everyone learned he was recovering nicely and would be okay.

We congratulate Martha for her compassion and quick action.  We’re proud she is part of The Woodlands Inn staff and grateful she was on duty that evening.  For her efforts we are happy to name Martha Maldonado the January 2012 Employee of the Month.  Congratulations Martha!