Casual Room Side Dining


Even if you’re feeling a bit famished, there’s still no need to leave the comfort of the room we’ve prepared for you at The Woodlands.
Pick up the phone and dial ‘305,’ to quickly have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack brought right to your door! Order from any of our award winning restaurants 7 days a week, any time between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00p.m. Have any made-to-order entree, or appetizers delivered directly to your room to satisfy your appetite from the comfort of your robe! CATERING We’re ready to cater any sized party or celebration, on or off-site with ease. The Woodlands is proud to provide in-house creative assistance preparing each and every plate to culinary perfection. Want to design you own menu? We can create any dish or menu option you need to your exact specifications. Ready to accommodate any style menu, The Woodlands can effortlessly create Kosher meals for the Jewish community. Take advantage of the beautiful facility The Woodlands offers. Our decadent Ballrooms are designed to impress for intimate gatherings or large parties. Need something a little more intimate? Take advantage of the comfortable ambience in our Meeting Rooms. The Woodlands team is ready to assist you in planning professionally coordinated events and executive retreats. Let
us accommodate refreshing meeting breaks, receptions, sophisticated buffets, or themed banquets customized to your every wish.