The Wedding of a Lifetime

As the premier destination for events, meetings, and celebrations in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our General Manager receives countless thank you notes from meeting / convention planners, and happy couples… but recently we received an e-mail that we just had to share…

Read below and visit our testimonials page to read additional notes we have received over the past months…

Dear Rick,

I finally had the time to sit down and send you an e-mail to personally thank you for the TREMENDOUS job that you and your staff have done for our recent winter/Christmas wedding at The Woodlands.  I knew from the start that we made the right choice with our venue.  As soon as I opened the door to our cocktail hour room, and then again for the reception area, I was breathless! 

The decorations – from the trees to the ornaments hanging from the ceiling – that atmosphere actually brought tears to my eyes!  This was what I wanted, and you delivered!  Never once during the 7 months leading up to the wedding was I worried or concerned.  I always felt that you were the professional, and all I had to do was drop it in your hands.  No wonder people talk about The Woodlands as the premier location for a wedding.  You know what you are doing!  All those little pieces and details came together that day.

What did we like the most?

Maybe it was the food.  No, the atmosphere, or ambiance.  Possibly the staff.  Or the way the room was decorated.  Or the way everything was situated, even including the candy table.  Maybe it was the bartenders and the specialty drinks.  Of course – it was EVERYTHING!  The wedding was done to perfection!  We would not have changed anything!

Sometimes you look back and wish you did something differently [but] we could not ask for more!

Your attention to details made this wedding.  Anyone can give you a location or a venue.  Even the wedding pictures on the bridge with the snow on the ground are priceless! I could go on and on and on!  I just know that when people tell you it was the most elegant wedding that they have ever attended, they are not lying!

We will all remember this day forever, and we will always remember you were a huge part of our beautiful day.

We had the wedding of a lifetime!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.”


For information about booking your next event at The Woodlands Inn, call Rick at 800-762-2222 ext. 333.

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